Meditations and Molotovs – 10.24.16

Today, Vince speaks with author, activist and global citizen Deena Stryker about her book, “Cuba: A Diary of the Revolution” (Tayen Lane).

It has been nearly five decades since Deena Stryker, then Boyer, journeyed to Cuba. Deena, a photojournalist went to revolutionary Cuba to both write and photograph the struggles, the trials and disagreements, the victories, and losses of the Cuban people. There she experienced the revolution first hand and enjoyed numerous conversations and powerful moments with its revolutionary leaders—Castro, Che, Celia, and a host of Revolutionaries. Cuba, A Diary of the Revolution is the documented account of that journey during the early years of Cuba’s revolution in the early 1960’s and also a candid look at the Cuba of today as it comes to detente with the US.

Philadelphian Deena Stryker studied in Paris, became a French citizen by marriage, debuted at Agence France Presse in Rome, then, as Deena Boyer, followed Fellini’s creative process for The Two Hundred Days of ’81/2’. The proceeds enabled her to interview Fidel Castro for a major French weekly, meeting with him again a week after the Kennedy assassination, and several times in 1964 for this book.

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