Mehmet Ersoy – Water Cut-Offs in Damascus: How “Militants” (US Supported Al Qaeda Terrorists) Use “Prohibited Methods of Warfare”

Recently, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham group has been facing troubles fighting with the Syrian army which keeps seizing the terrorists’ positions all over the country.

Against this background, the situation by Damascus aggravated. Militants are trying to impede the government forces advancement and are concentrated on sabotage. Terrorists are up to using all possible means to impose pressure on the government, including prohibited methods of warfare.

Such actions include the sabotage at the pump station on the outskirts of Damascus. It’s been 3 weeks since Dec. 16 when water was cut off for 5.5 million people in Damascus. The locals almost don’t use the water of Damascus sources as it may have been contaminated by the terrorists with diesel.

In connection with this, UNICEF urged all sides of the conflict to give up such means of warfare and provide security for civilian facilities: schools, hospitals and water infrastructure. The organization also stressed out that the absence of water supplies may lead to epidemics, especially among children.

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