Meria Heller – Ken Blackwell & John Bolton Return – 11.20.16

News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. the Mercers back Bannon the racist;Trump want his kids to have secret security clearance;Ken Blackwell & John Bolton return;Jeff Sessions, another fanatic;Kobach the criminal;Pence removes lobbyists; make rape legal? attacks on gays, women, minorities;Pence, the christian supremacist; student protests; school walkouts; hate crimes up 67%;Roe Vs.Wade on the chopping block;fubar in trump land;Jews against Bannon;Muslims & Jews unite;Ivanka brand dumped; using the presidency to sell; society splits; women attacked by trump men; racists out of the closet;Emmy Rossum targeted; long time pot use;Michele vs Melania;Kareen-Abdul-Jabbar; Standing Rock;women to march on DC;and more insanity in Idiocracy.


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