Meria Heller – Meria With Carl Calleman,Ph.D. on the Nine Waves of Creation – 04.30.17

Meria interviews scientist/philosopher Carl Johan Calleman on his latest book “The Nine Waves of Creation,Quantum Physics,Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity”. His trips to Mexico got him started on the Mayan Calendar;everything is waves and frequencies; holographic universe; the human mind is an evolving hologram; wave forms we resonate with downloads a hologram that creates our mind; the ancient Maya;millennials relate to the 9th wave;duality and “good and evil”; the number nine; paradigm shifts;1616-1617 and the Catholic Church;you are a cosmic being inhabiting a planet; the Cosmic Tree of Life; 9th wave activated in 2011;resonate with unity; return to spirituality; big bang theory obsolete; structure from the beginning;May 24 and June 29-tune in; become a quantum activist.

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