Meria Heller – Meria With Joe & Mike Bruno – Thrive Cuisine – 05.22.17

Meria interviews two millennials Joe & Mike Bruno, creators of Thrive Cuisine. If you ever had any questions about how and why to adopt the plant based diet, this website gives it all. Organics. How to go veg; shelf life of non-organics;buy/eat local; dispel preconceived ideas, going veg is an adventure, easy and relatively inexpensive; better health is a wonderful side effect; can’t force anyone to change; lead by example; what is your relationship with food? Do you eat or dine? can you build muscle on a plant based diet? why do millennials have a different attitude about their appearance and health? trumps diet and health; consistency is key; “don’t preach, teach”!; vote with your dollars and forks.

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