Meria Heller – Meria with Matt Landman -Frankenskies – 02.11.18

Meria interviews Matt Landman, producer of the excellent film “Frankenskies“. Geo-Engineering since 1923;cognitive dissonance;historical timeline through the years;Agent Orange and Project Popeye in Vietnam;weaponizing the weather; words used instead of chemtrails;Operation Mockingbird;CARE program; combustible trees, alkaline soil;killing off everything;AI,transhuman agenda;5G network dangers; predictive programming; social engineering; dystopian future; kids and frequency devices; new clouds?aluminum/fluoride -Alzheimers;Tucson Conference May 12;Experimenting in Tucson;we do not consent;neurotoxins sprayed;frequency of truth; steering the jet stream;HAARP and much more.

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