Meria Heller – Meria with Nathan Runkle, Founder of Mercy For Animals – 02.04.18

 Meria interviews one of her favorite heroes: Nathan Runkle, Founder and President of Mercy For Animals. Live your values;your voice matters;300 animals a second killed for food in USA;voiceless and choice-less;How he get started and why; willful ignorance of our industrial food system;9 billion animals killed a yr;cultural evolution; easy to live a healthy lifestyle; resource intensity; the film “What the Health”;SAD-standard American diet; where’s prevention in healthcare; sadness,depression;ethical lifestyle;Meatless Monday;no one’s perfect; love,compassion,empathy;lead by example;Standard agricultural practices; taking on the giants in the food industry;Get started at The Green Plate.com;cruelty free vs.fecal soup; clean meat and lots more.

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