Meria Heller – News of Planet of the Apes – 12.18.16

 News of Planet of the Apes, with Meria. Yahoo hacked again;Russian hacking; professor criticized trump-death threats; white students holding trump sign put backs to black players; oil & gas boom under trump;Feds raise interest; what deportation will cost us in food;anti-abortion signs in Okla!; who will pay the cost of unwanted children? CIA on trumps incompetence-compared to W; Electors threatened;Flynn wipes his Twitter;will electors block trump? China-Duerte-trump;will trump divest? white man gets away with rape (again); Aleppo;DOE says no to trump witch-hunt;Pipeline spill in N.D.;Perry and Energy dept?Perry on board of DAPL;Netanyahu;Ryan Zinke;Bill Cosby case; will trump get us all killed?corporate buybacks and welfare;K.T.McFarland, another bad choice;Olbermann blasts trump coup; child sex abuse in British soccer; loon in Tempe; Kasich signs abortion bill; did Turkey blackmail trump?Jerusalem;1 in 6 on psychiatric drugs; and more insanity!

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