Michael Payne – A party of control-obsessed politicians take charge – dark times ahead for America

There have been times in this nation’s history – at the onset of the Civil War, the Great Depression of the 1930s, the assassination of President Kennedy, and the aftermath of the 911 tragedy – when Americans were full of apprehension and possessed a great deal of fear about the direction in which this country was heading.

In the America of today, we have just entered into another of those troubling periods as this government has now come under the total control of the newly designated president, Donald J. Trump and the Republican Party.

All I can say is “God save America.”

With Trump as the leader of this country and government, and the GOP in total control of the Congress the big question is: can the two co-exist, can they, will they work together to implement a combined agenda under the banner of the Republican Party when their political ideologies are not in sync?

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