Michael Roberts – The Age Of Political Stupid

As humankind progression goes we’re in an incredible technological age. As an evolved species about 200,000 years on a planet as old as 4.5 billion years, we’ve boldly gone into space, killed off diseases that hitherto wreaked havoc on the earth and, hopefully, we’ve learned from the carnage of the past and now have less and less an appetite for large-scale war. And too, we’ve made incredible strides in medicine prolonging life in a way that suggests that in the next immediate decades living to 100 years will be the routine, the norm — not the exception.

Today, mobile communications, instant messaging, and global inter-connectedness are modern daily occurrences. From smart phones to wearable technology humans have evolved into the most sophisticated and consummeristic of all pervious generations. We’re the truly¬†Nescafe Generation¬†— we want everything now, in real time, no waiting — period.

And, correspondingly, we’ve become the most stupid, gullible and sheep-like generation. But don’t get me started about sheep — they bleat too much plus I just don’t like them very much. Too easily led, influenced and way, way too meek.

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