Michelle Goldstein – The Perfect Storm: Vaccination and Modern Malnutrition

We have the perfect storm for creating an environment that will continue to injure and destroy the health of our most precious gifts, our children. We live in America, which is the most highly vaccinated country on the planet. Vaccinations alone are responsible for tremendous health damage.

We are also a country that consumes a highly processed, sugar-laden, vitamin-deficient diet, which adds its own set of health problems. Good nutrition is the cornerstone of a strong immune system capable of maintaining health and naturally fighting disease. The combination of vaccinations and poor diets contribute to our growing health epidemic, creating the perfect storm.

Current Health Epidemic Of Children

In 2013, one out of six children were diagnosed with a learning disability. One out of nine children struggled with asthma. One out of 50 children were seriously disabled with autism. One of 400 children suffered with debilitating diabetes.

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