Monsanto Profits Drop 25% AGAIN as Farmers, Individuals go Organic

Biotech giant Monsanto reported multiple profit-plummets in 2015 relating to sales for both its genetically modified crop creations and its best-selling herbicide, Roundup. Once again, Monsanto has reported declining profits for the fiscal second-quarter earnings – by 25%.
For Monsanto’s 2nd quarter, total sales for Monsanto dropped 13%; with one of Monsanto’s top-sellers, corn seeds, falling 11%. The biotech giant cites an “unfavorable agricultural market” for its losses, pointing out that:

Pressures in overseas markets is increasing
Farmers are reporting less income due to less-than-ideal harvests
The strength of the U.S. dollar made products more expensive
But the company makes little or no mention of the other key factors affecting its bottom line.

Organic food demand is exploding like crazy – and the figures show no sign of it slowing any time soon.

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