MSM and Biotech Try to Re-Brand GMO’s Due to Negative Response – Christina Sarich

In the same way Big Food makers tried to rename sugar in their products so that consumers wouldn’t know that their favorite brands contained almost 75 percent empty calories, the mainstream media is trying to re-brand GMOs so that the public thinks the food creations are completely safe.

That’s right. Just like Hilary Clinton advised biotech at a recent symposium, she thinks if customers just ‘thought of GMOs differently’ we would like them more.

Like putting a new coat of paint on a dilapidated shed and calling it a mansion, or prettying up our fall wardrobe with some new shoes – we just need a new ‘name’ for GMOs, and then we’d like eating something that could make us infertile while causing cancer and kidney failure.

In a recent article posted by the NY Times, the author goes on about how to give ‘altering the DNA of plants’ a new name. They don’t call this genetic engineering at the University of Copenhagen. They’re calling it re-wilding.

Michael B. Palmgren, a plant biologist at the Danish university who headed a group, including scientists, ethicists, and lawyers that is funded by the university and the Danish National Research Foundation, said:

“I consider this something worth discussing.”

These plant engineers want to take a couple of ancient plants and repurpose a gene or two – otherwise known as a GMO, and call it something new. They’ve published their proposal o do so in the journal Trends in Plant Science.

They also call it ‘precision breeding’ when they edit plant by inserting and deleting DNA into a plants cells – also known as a GMO.

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