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The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Elemental Diet for IBS, IBD, and SIBO – 05.09.17

Host Ellen Kamhi, PHD, RN,, interviews Dr. Corey Schuler. Cory Schuler  is a thought leader, product innovator, and educator in integrative and functional Medicine. He serves as the Director of Clinical Affairs for Integrative Therapeutics and is an assistant professor at the School of Health Sciences and Education at NYCC. He practices in Hudson Wisconsin as the owner of Metabolic Treatment Center. Corey is a registered nurse, licensed nutritionist, Certified Nutrition Specialist and earned a master’s degree in human nutrition, and a doctor of chiropractic medicine. On Today’s show, Cory discusses the ELEMENTAL DIET to support IBS( Irritable Bowel Syndrome), IBD(Irritable Bowel Disease) and SIBO ( Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth) Contact:

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