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The Natural Nurse And Dr. Z – Guest: Dr Geoffrey Broderick – 06.20.17

Host, Ellen Kamhi PhD RN,, interviews veterinarian, Dr. Geoffrey Broderick.
Dr. Broderick has been practicing for almost 50 years as a veterinarian in Huntington, NY. In a landmark paper titled, “The Cure, Prevention and Control of Cystitis in Cats” Dr. Broderick described for the first time that acidification with ascorbic acid (vitamin C) of the urine dissolved triple phosphate (struvite) urinary calculi in 16 cats with acute cystitis and prevented bacteria from growing in the urinary tract and the subsequent return of the disease. This work by “Doc” also paved the way for the use of cranberry juice to treat urinary tract infections, thus helping to control and prevent one of the most common disease afflicting women in the United States. Dr. Broderick also received an award from the California Orthomolecular Medical Society, when he presented a paper and demonstrated by time lapse radiography the systematic dissolving of a golf ball size cystolith (urinary bladder stone) for the first time in history. His love and devotion to animals, lead to a trip to India, to join Mother Teresa in rescuing stranded animals, as well as countless hours saving animals in many devastating situations across the country and the world. Dr. Broderick is the founder of Cornucopia Pet Foods and the creator of Super-Food and Phyto-Food for pets, which are natural products free of chemical additives, artificial colors, flavors, sugars and MSG. He is also the author of the book,  COMPASSION FOR PETS.  Contact:  Cornucopia Natural Pet Food        631-546-6587

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