The Natural Nurse and Dr. Z -HEALING as a Spiritual Path – 10.11.16

Ellen Kamhi, PhD, RN, www.naturalnurse.com , interviews Althea Gray, Human Potential Healer. Althea grew up with her Nicaraguan grandmother who was a Curandera (Shamanic Healer from Central and South America). She gave her the genetic material to be a Healer. Althea continued her development by training with many of the top leaders in the field of spirituality, including Colette Baron Reid, Tania Gabrielle, Tony Robin’s top Coaches, and Sarah Spiritual to name a few. Althea serves on the board of the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine, and is a long standing member of the American Society of Dowsers and spoken at their national conventions. She serves as an Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka for 14 years.
Althea is a Certified California Designer and  a Certified Feng Shui consultant. She is the founder of the International School for Professional Healers ®,  and the creator of the Gold Treatment ® , a healing treatment that increases LIGHT in the cells and subtle bodies. The long term effects of this treatment can shift health and consciousness. Althea lectures all over the world and attends to private clients in person internationally as well as via phone. Contact:
http://altheagray.com/,   505-983-9582