NDC Savings Club – 01.20.16

Today Show: Meridians

Guest Speaker:  Jason Elias  http://fiveelementhealing.net/

Jason Elias, has been in private practice since the 1970’s, treating thousands of patients by integrating the modalities of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and nutrition. Over a period of forty years, my professional training has included work in the U.S. with acknowledged leaders in the fields of psychology, the Alexander technique, massage therapy, bioenergetic therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and herbal medicine; in Japan with masters of Aikido; in Hong Kong with a prominent Chinese acupuncturist and herbalist; and in India, with an Ayurvedic master

What is the Meridian System?

Chinese medicine believes there is a distribution network for the fundamental substances of Qi, Blood and Body Fluids throughout the body. These fundamental substances are different from the common western understandings of these terms, and their concepts are important for maintaining health using Chinese medicine.) This distribution network called the Meridian System looks like a giant web, linking different areas of our body together. Its pathways make up a comprehensive yet complex body map that supplies vital energy to every part of the body. Philosophically, the Meridian System explains how we live, and why we become sick.

New Series: The 36 Flow of Energy Systems. 

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Recap commentary of last week show: Reflexology


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