NDC Savings Club – 02.24.16

Today Show: Sound & Music

Guest Speaker: LARAAJI

Edward Larry Gordon “Laraaji” pursued his dream of becoming a Musician and humanitarian artist from a very early age in the Coastal town of Perth Amboy, New Jersey. Learning to play Piano, Violin, and Trombone, along with singing and performing in church and school choirs, bands and orchestras. His high school scholastic talents and enthusiasm for creating new music won him scholarships to study music at Howard University School of Fine Arts in Washington, DC during the mid 1960’s.

Laraaji moved to New York City to pursue a double career in comedic acting and music. During these several years of mild success in both careers he received a strong inner call to explore alternative spiritual practices including transcendental meditation, mind science, yoga-meditation, trance journeying and contemplative creativity …… eventually his lifestyle became one of devotional inner practice and creative inspiration. During the mid 70’s, following an inner sound vision he set out to create a new musical sound involving a modified 36 string AutoHarp, alternative tunings and innovative music Electronics.

Laraaji serves as senior faculty presenter at the prestigious International Healing Sounds Intensive founded by pioneer sound healing musician Jonathan Goldman, held annually in Colorado, for most of its 19 years.

His blogspot HTTP://LARAAJI.BLOGSPOT.COM  contains most of the currently available titles and lists many of Laraaji’s current and upcoming performances and events.

New Series: The 36 Flow of Energy Systems.

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Recap commentary of last week show: Living Foods


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