NDC Savings Club – Book of Life – 03.15.17

Today Show:  Book of Life

Guest Speaker:  Alexander Dunlop   http://spiritualnutrition.org/

Alexander Dunlop talks about the real meaning of the playing cards. The 52 deck of playing cards is the ancient book of life, hidden in plain sight. Using this book of life we can read the real meaning of our lives, all from playing cards. Most people don’t know the real meaning of the playing cards, or that we can read meaning from them to read the meaning of our lives.

Alexander is a Guide, Strategic Adviser and Teacher who helps people play their cards right, from darkness to light. He brings more than 20 years of professional coaching and consulting experience to his position as Founder and Director of the New York City-based Global Center of Spiritual Nutrition.


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New Series: The 52 Flow of Energy Systems.

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