NDC Savings Club – Spiritual House & Self Cleansing – 03.01.17

Today Show:  Spiritual House & Self Cleansing

Guest Speaker:  Alex Acuna  https://ndcsavingsclub.com/radio/

Brother Carlos: Casting Out Demons Prayer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fWs_C6rHop0

Spiritual House Cleansing and Self Cleansing. The basic premise of a house cleansing is very simple. When there is an unwanted spiritual presence or curse on a home, business, office, piece of land or other place it needs to be removed. A spiritual house cleansing, when done correctly, breaks curses and removes demonic beings. It also dedicates the place or thing to the Lord and invites His blessings and presence to dwell there.
Look at house cleansing as cleaning dust bunnies that have accumulated in the past. This clearance promotes neutral energy important for intuition. Once the house cleansing is done, the energy lifts, brightens and circulates easily. It is always advisable to cleanse your house immediately you experience a negative event, when you feel sad or have been attacked by fear. There are times when it would be best to do house cleansing.

These include: After removing clutter – Following an argument – After occupying a new living space – After a break-up or divorce – Following a death or an illness – When you desire energy to start a new project – When a companion moves out, also for Cleansing of: Demons, Finance Curse, Bad Luck, Soul tie breaking, Witchcraft removal & Generational Curse breaking and Ghost Removal.

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