NDC Savings Club – Therapeutic Touch TT – 11.16.16

Therapeutic Touch TT, a noninvasive healing modality in which the energy of a healer’s hands is used to promote healing in another.

Sue Conlin has been practicing Therapeutic Touch (TT) since 1990.  She was introduced to TT that year, and in 1997 began developing workshops and courses in TT based on the work of Dolores Krieger, PhD, RN, and the late Dora Kunz – the founders of Therapeutic Touch. Sue participates annually in advanced programs with Dr. Krieger, who in 2016 reached the young age of 95.

In 2001 Sue was invited to join the teaching staff at Pumpkin Hollow Farm, where Therapeutic Touch was created. She has teaches Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level Therapeutic Touch courses all over the country, in addition to workshops on utilizing Therapeutic Touch in easing transitions, self-healing, spirituality and healing, and emotional healing. She received a Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Albany in 1976. She is credentialed as a Qualified Therapeutic Touch Practitioner and Teacher at all Levels of teaching.


New Series: The 40 Flow of Energy Systems.


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