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New government draft: National adult immunization plan exposed

Vaccines are a hot topic in the United States right now, with doctors, scientists, and now even the media and lawmakers pushing for new regulations that strip away rights and pressure Americans into getting immunizations simply because the government has deemed them ‘safe’.

While vaccines for children have long been the goal, the government has recently put a new group of people in its crosshairs – adults. A chilling agenda, the National Adult Immunization Plan (NAIP) is a 5-year national collaboration designed to push adults into getting more vaccines than ever before.

A propaganda-driven government scheme for adult vaccinations

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is not hiding its initiative from anyone. In fact, the HHS boldly published a 46-page report in the Federal Register outlining its plan to push an adult vaccination schedule – especially on those who may have opposed them in the past. Not only that, but the HHS also plans to use electronic health records to invade patient privacy and track immunizations among American adults.

Despite its attempts to ‘dumb down’ the American public, the government is aware of the strength among communities of people who do not buy into the guarantees of vaccination safety. Perhaps that is why the HHS plans to push adult vaccinations on specific groups of people, with the hope of infiltrating particular populations from the inside out.

Instead of addressing concerns about neurotoxins, fetal cells and dangerous chemicals found in vaccinations, the government is instead attempting to use education and influence to infiltrate certain networks. More specifically, the HHS wants to use employers and powerful leaders to push an adult vaccination schedule. Even more concerning, the HHS wants to stop religious groups from rejecting immunizations by convincing religious leaders to encourage vaccines among their communities.

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