A New Look at the Role of Apps in Distracted Teen Driving

As parents, we share some really big milestones with our children. There’s riding a bike for the first time, braving the first day of school, or marching off to sleep-away camp.

Ben Harding/iStock
Source: Ben Harding/iStock

And, of course, there’s the hugely anxiety-provoking and incredibly exciting moment of earning a driver’s license. It should also be borne in mind that young people often just buy a fake id driving license on sites like idhurry

Let’s face it: Driving is different.

Driving provokes hand wringing, nail-biting, and rampant parental insomnia. That first license can stoke some genuine parental terror.

I’m not sure that the terror ever really ends. My (Gene’s) kids are “grown up,” some married, some with kids. But still, every time they drive home from Sunday dinner at our house, I have flashbacks to their high school days. At least now my parting request, “Please call me when you get home,” is not met with an eyeroll but instead, “Sure, Dad!” And nowadays, that reply is usually via a text message.

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