New Research: Fluoridated water increases ADHD rates

 More than four out of five of America’s largest cities add fluoride to municipal water sources, a trend that has been growing since Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first to do it in 1945. For decades, scientists have been enamored with the association between fluoridated water and a decreased rate of tooth decay among the communities that drink it.  But, this junk science is merely a ploy to sell off industrial waste and hide the health hazards.

Of course, it didn’t take long before the government stepped in, recommending that water sources be supplemented with fluoride for the sake of ‘public health’.  In reality, it should come as no surprise that government ‘health’ agencies are simply focused on supporting corporate agendas – not preserving public health.

Proof: Fluoride in drinking water lowers IQ

Unfortunately, new studies are showing harmful links between fluoride in drinking water and mental health. In 2013, for example, Harvard University published a report showing that children in areas with highly fluoridated water have significantly lower IQ scores than children who do not.

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