NEW SHOW ALERT: The Conspiracy Guy – 2.8.17

The Conspiracy Guy #11: Disturbing developments suggest that, instead of ending wars in the Middle East. Donald Trump may be initiating new ones. That his National Security Advisor, Mike Flynn, has put Iran “on notice” and that his Secretary of Defense has characterized Iran as “the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East” combined with Bibi’s tweets that “Iran seeks to conquer the Middle East. It threatens Europe; it threatens the West; it threatens the world”, are simply absurd about a nation that has not launched a war of aggression agains any other nation since 1775! The greatest terrorist nations in the world are Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United States. Iran is not even a contender. When combined with the sanctions on Russian and ongoing demonization of that nation for invading Ukraine and seizing Crimea–which are distortions of history–there are good reasons to believe that, in spite of his campaign promises to the contrary, The Donald continues to pursue the Neocon Agenda of clearing the way for the Greater Israel, which will dominate the region from the Tigris-Euphrates to the Nile. We begin with a review of the travel ban and what it signifies for ongoing attempts to delegitimize his administration and even remove him from office, which indicate that we are living through (what may well be) the most perilous times in American history.

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