New Show Announcement: The Hour of Lateral Thinking: Monday’s 5pm est.

The Hour of Lateral Thinking” is a weekly radio show based on improvisational theater principless developed by radio and comedy partners and groupologists Janet Coleman and David Dozer, joined by a company of game and witty writers – Chris Cerf, David Finkle, Maggie Paley; good music; and Bob Auld, the engineer.

As defined at the top of each program, “Lateral Thinking is sideways thinking. It unspools the mind. It’s not logical. it’s conclusions, if any, are unforeseen.” We throw out one subject per show (e.g., Sunshine, Rain, Embarrassment, Braggadocio, Garlic and Other Amulets) and improvise upon it using memory, free association, family stories, as well as literary, historical and political people, places and events.  Being funny isn’t required, but the spontaneous nature of the beast makes for an atmosphere of fun.



Janet Coleman and David Dozer are award-winning radio writer/performer/producers whose concepts of groupology originated in the improvisational theater and whose comedy shows, commercials, serials, shorts and satires have been heard on Pacifica Radio, NPR, commercial radio, and have been a fixture at WBAI/New York for more than several decades..

Separately, episodes of David Dozer’s epic radio serial, “Poisoned Arts” were published in The Public Theater’s quarterly, “Scripts,” and “Best Short Plays of 2019-2000. Other plays have been performed by the Dada New York Dadas, Manhattan Theater Club,  Man Ray, Todo con Nada, and Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Janet Coleman is the author of “The Compass: The Improvisational Theater That Revolutionized American Comedy,” and (with Al Young) “Mingus/Mingus: Two Memoirs,” about the jazz musician.

Chris Cerf, satirist and, from its inception, a Sesame Street songwriter, is co-author with Henry Beard of “Spinglish” and “Encyclopedia Paranoica,” and on his own, the children’s book. “The Skunk in My Bunk.”

David Finkle writes frequently about the theater, his reviews appearing on the website New York Stage Review.  He is the author of the story collections People Tell Me Things and Great Dates With the Late Greats and the novel The Man With the Overcoat.

Maggie Paley is the author of a novel, Bad Manners; a chapbook of sestinas, Elephant; The Book of the Penis (non-fiction); and numerous magazine articles.

Robert Auld was a professional musician (trumpet) for 27 years, working as a freelancer around New York City.  He now works as an audio engineer and radio producer.