New Show Coming To The Progressive Radio Network: The Plutocracy Report

Time Slot: Friday’s 4pm est

Show Info: Tune in to The Plutocracy Report every week as Vince takes listeners deep inside the governmental narrative of the mainstream media/propaganda system and exposes the motivation behind the stories and why they are reported is such a way. Apart from providing listeners with a broader, two sided view of everything pertinent in the news. The show also contains humor, in part with sarcasm over the absurdity of our media and culture, as well as personal experiences, heartfelt honesty, and sympathy from his unique paradigm.  A main ongoing aspect will be about what Vince calls the Dichotomy of Division. This phrase of his defines how the American people are split into two parties, under the guise of democracy, believing that there is no other option but following one of these two failed and controlled parties. This is, of course, all deception to believe the status quo would ever change within this system, when it is unequivocally a veiled plutocracy and Vince will examine the proof. After every segment he will discuss the root causality to every dilemma and political issue and explain
what needs to be done to fix it. "The only way to create an egalitarian society that utilizes science and  technology to benefit every human being, while taking care of the biosphere, is for us to break the dichotomy of division and unite to overthrow the sociopathic Plutocrats." That is the underlying message of The Plutocracy Report.