Goats Go.. Inspecting.

New Study: Goats Who Eat Monsanto GM Soy Produce Abnormal Milk – Christina Sarich

Monsanto likes to say (with the FDA’s help) that their Round Up Ready GM soy is substantially equivalent to its non-GM counterparts. But a new study proves that GM-fed goat milk is completely abnormal – is human milk next?

Is it any wonder that the US has such a high infant mortality rate compared to other ‘civilized’ nations? (Ours is more than twice the rate of countries like Sweden or Japan.) Though it is due to a confluence of factors, Monsanto is likely contributing to our atrocious infant mortality rate.

When baby goats die more often due to their mothers eating Round Up Ready soy feed, it isn’t a far stretch to understand that human milk is being affected as well. This is especially true since glyphosate residues have been found in fetal cells and pregnant women’s breast milk. (Glyphosate formulations induce apoptosis and necrosis in human umbilical, embryonic, and placental cells as evidenced in this study.)

What exactly is wrong with the GM-fed goat’s milk?

  • It has significantly reduced antibodies
  • It had reduced protein and fat content
  • It contains transgenic DNA

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