New World Order Martial Law Scenario? U.S. Government Pathological Lies Concerning “Jade Helm 15 Military Operation” – Joachim Hagopian

Is it any wonder that fewer people these days are willing to trust the US federal government or their American leader President Obama? The citizen furor over the highly controversial Jade Helm 15 military operationscheduled for two months this summer (July 15-September 15) in all four US Border States with Mexico plus Utah and Nevada is well grounded. Despite mainstream media and war mongers like Senator John McCain mocking and ridiculing those behind the ongoing uproar as mere paranoid conspiracy nutcases, a closer look at the nonstop lies flowing out of Washington provides every justifiable reason for Americans’ suspicion that the feds are up to no good in the Southwest. Many US citizens have come to recognize that their civil liberties and constitutional rights since 9/11 have completely vanished under the ever-darkening cloud of tyranny usurped by the insidiously false pretense of national security.

The so called war on terror is eerily similar to America’s war on drugs. Both are a complete bust. Meanwhile, the US government continues making billions in profit from the illegal international drug trade and cabal banks continue regularly engaging in illegal money laundering, and crime families like the Bushes and Clintons get high as well as richer. The war on drugs’ thinly veiled design is actually a war against people of color, promoting institutionalized welfare state dependency, while the privatized prison industrial complex incarcerates a million Americans on non-violent drug charges and over two billion citizens behind bars, over half the country’s inmate population being non-white, caging near three times more than any other nation on earth as the world’s worst human rights offender. Finally, with less than 5% of the total world population, the United States of incarceration houses 25% of the world’s total prison population.

Meanwhile 9/11 and the US war of terror in reality are nothing less than a deplorable scapegoat war against Islam religion. Duped into doing the evil bidding of fellow crime syndicate partners Israel and Saudi Arabia, under the WMD mantra of yet more lies to push false justification of committing crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan, the US has lost two costly wars each lasting a decade plus and still raging, killed millions of Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa squandering up to six trillion taxpayer dollars, and leaving only completely decimated failed states in its death wake, in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Ukraine. Initiating another arms race and cold war against Russia and China heating up with catastrophic nuclear world war III, endgame potential, the US Empire’s war on terror has only created with financing, training and arming savage US proxy mercenary allies posing as fake enemies on steroids that have gained more control over the region as time drags on.

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