No, Hillary, young voters aren’t naive. The system doesn’t work for them

It is among the most venerable election rituals of the smartphone era: down the home stretch, a recording surfaces containing embarrassing audio of a candidate elite-’splaining politics to a room of rich, self-satisfied donors.

In 2008, Barack Obama was caught talking in San Francisco about Rust Belt left-behinds who “cling” to guns and Bibles. Four years later, Mitt Romney never recovered from his “hopeless 47%” comments in Boca Raton. And last Friday splashed the arrival of Hillary Clinton’s very own “basement tape”, recorded at a fundraiser in a tony Virginia suburb. In it, Clinton is heard caricaturing young Sanders supporters as frustrated, fist-pounding baristas — “living in their parents’ basement” — clinging to their Bernie T-shirts and naive fantasies of system change.

Sanders dutifully rose to Clinton’s defense over the weekend, but he also conceded on CNN’s State of the Union that the tape bothered him. How could it not? Clinton’s comments were a bald revelation, condescending and dismissive, assuring wealthy Democrats that the millennials making noise on the left just don’t know any better.