NOTES – Credit Unions, Banks, Wretched firms

Credit union advantages

  • They are essentially nonprofit organizations
  • Lower loan rates
  • Pay higher savings yields
  • Lighter on fees – 72% of largest credit unions offer free non string checking – many don’t have monthly fees (but those often don’t pay interest either
  • Lower fees for overdrawing
  • Many require only $5 to open savings account


If you are a veteran, there are quite a few available. But must be veteran

Many are not nationwide though.. so these highly recommended ones are


Alliant Credit Union – free if living in Chicago area… otherwise a $10 fee to join that is contributed to Foster Care to Success – helps teens who are too old to be in foster care system


Connexus Credit Union – free to Wisconsin counties – otherwise $5 donation to join which is donated to Red Cross, American Cancer Society


GTE  Financial Credit Union – started in 1935 – like Alliant, it is often on top of lists because of the wide variety of financial services it offers.


Affinity Plus Credit Union – Minnesota based – must make one time $25 donation to support nonprofits involved with small business education


NASA Federal Credit Union – must deposit minimum $5 in a savings account


American Heritage Federal Credit Union – Philadelphia based…  requires one time $15 donation for children requiring special care, such as music therapy


Suncoast Credit Union – although in gulf-coastal Florida – also partners with other financial services throughout the country including ATMs – only this year is it starting to expand out nationally though


Melrose Credit Union – some of the lowest fees if any.. but doesn’t offer credit cards – its reputation is with loans





Ally Bank consistently is ranked in the top for best online banking and best checking, CD and savings


Bank of Internet USA


First Internet Bank


State Farm Bank – one of the best banks for its online services in 2016


Best State banks are:  Oregon State Bank, Bank of North Dakota, and the Maine Partnership Bank



Worst Companies for their horrible employment record and ripping off consumers




Cox Communications

Time Warner (often ranked in top 5 worst companies)

Con Edison

Comcast (in the top 5 worst)


JP Morgan Chase

Bank of America



Wellpoint (healthcare firm)

Facebook (listed in top 10 of worst companies by Business Insider)

American Airlines


US Airways (in the top five)

United Airlines – frequently battles for first place on the worst list


America’s Biggest Polluters (based on list from University of Massachusetts) in order of pollution and poor environemtnal record

American Electric Power

Duke Engery

Southern Company

US  Government (ranked 4th)

Berkshire Hathaway/MidAmerican Energy)

Ameren Corp

Luminant Generation

First Energy Generation

AES Corp

Xcel Energy

Edison Interational

Exxon Mobile



US Steel

Koch Industries (huge coal investor)

Arcelor Mittal  (steel maker)

Conoco Phillips


Largest and Worst Military Contractors (ranked as largest first)

Lockheed Martin



General Dynamics

Northrop Grumman

United Technologies Corporation

L-3 Corporation

BAE Systems


Humana Inc (a private health insurer to the military industrial complex)


Some cvv shops reviews

Worst companies for the level of corruption











Every fortune 500 Wall Street investment bank – Goldman

Murdoch media firms

Phillip Morris

Anheuser Busch (union busting)

Federal Express (in same bed with ALEC)

Wall Street Journal  – another ALEC corp