Paul Offit

Offit Jumps Shark, Orders Starbucks, Plays Armchair Psychologist in Support of Oregon Bill

Senate Bill 442, since defeated in Oregon, had some high-powered supporters. Oregon activists recently unearthed the testimony of Dr. Paul Offit, a resident of Pennsylvania, who put together an extraordinary letter.

It’s worth noting that Paul Offit is one of the primary architects of the thinking and logic behind the nationwide attempts to end vaccine exemptions, its remarkable to see how he actually thinks.

Some of our favorite quotes:

“We control what we order by picking and choosing what is in our favorite version of a Starbucks Grande. So, it is only natural that we would want to control vaccines and, indeed, the thought that someone is telling us we need to give our children vaccines appears to run counter.”

“Many people work tirelessly to fill this gap and explain the science, but sadly, those against vaccines also work tirelessly. They work tirelessly to keep the fear alive promoting disproven theories, such as vaccines cause autism, vaccines contain harmful ingredients, babies get too many vaccines, etc.”

“The viruses and bacteria that cause these diseases are the appropriate target of these fears. Indeed, still today in parts of Africa, some families do not name their babies until the fear of loss to measles has passed. In this country, parents benefit from living without that fear; unfortunately, vaccines do not.”

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