On The NYT’s Sorry Whitewash Of Clinton And Her War On Libya

The New York Times has a two part piece about the U.S. war on Libya and especially Hillary Clinton’s role as the then Secretary of State in it. Adhering to the NYT’s editorial line, the overall picture of Clinton is painted in sympathetic colors even when it describes the disaster she created.

Overall it is a whitewash of history based on the lies that the “humanitarian intervention” was perceived necessary because Ghaddafi was about to “kill civilians”. It is not unexpected that the NYT would write such nonsense. The NYT editors had themselves endorsedthe war and the paper lauded the immediate result. It is guilty of inciting the war just as much as Clinton is.

But the story of the “humanitarian intervention” for the Libyan people in March 2011 is hogwash.

The attack on Libya was well prepared. Radical Islamist under Abdel Hakim Belhaj, who had once been held in a secret CIA prison, were violently attacking the Libyan state with financial and military support from Qatar. Ghaddafi acted in response to them and in a proportional manner. There never was any danger of a “massacre in Benghazi” (at least when Ghaddafi was still alive). That he reacted at all was used as pretense to launch a war that had been conceptualized earlier.

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