One More Reason to Unplug Before Bedtime – Christopher Bergland

We all know from first-hand experience that the digital age has most of us “plugged in” 24/7. What is the detrimental impact on parents and children of being “plugged in” to digital devices—or in front of a television screen—both day and night?

New studies show that turning off the television, unplugging other digital devices, and reading a book before bedtime can: improve a child’s brain function, mental imagery, imagination, theory of mind (ToM), and make a child more empathetic.

Dr. John Hutton MD(link is external), is a pediatrician at Cincinnati Children’s. He’s part of a growing coalition of pediatricians who are encouraging families to “unplug” and spend more time playing outside and reading books together. Hutton is the owner of a local children’s bookstore in his hometown and is on a mission to promote a simpler life with less screen time.

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