One Nation Under Vaccine Manufacturers; Lost Politics, Broken Laws – Jefferey Jaxen

It is becoming clear that as states line up in a coordinated removal of vaccine exemption bills, the fix is in. Never before has the nation seen such a concerted push towards a common, unconstitutional goal. The attempts to conceal voting and coverage of vaccine exemption bills from the public continues to reveal the signature of corporate influence directing political power. However the unfortunate and inconvenient truth of controlled senators and their lobbyist handlers is that much of their actions and authored bills are illegal on many levels. Speed and appeals to emotion are their only tools. Their window of opportunity is closing and simple force appears to be their last pillar of hope.

Looking at the removal of state medical vaccine exemptions reveals laws, international principles, codes, and rules all broken simultaneously. In committees that pride themselves on due process and fulfilling the will of the people, this time will go down in history as a warning to future generations of the damage caused by unchecked corporate lobbying and unrestrained politicians. A endless future of class action lawsuits and countless other legal challenges waits eagerly in the wings for foolish politicians to enact into law their vaccine exemption bills.

State Constitution and Educational Laws: Ignored

Shortly before the California Judiciary Committee vote on Senate Bill 277 (SB-277), Mary Holland, Legal Research Scholar at New York University School of Law, stated in a press release “This bill (SB-277) appears to be unconstitutional under California law, and if passed in this form, will wreak havoc in California courts.“ In addition, federal law protects special education students, guaranteeing they receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). For many of these students, home schooling will not work.

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