Over Reach of the Financial-Military Complex and the New Multi-Polar World Order – Jim Miles

From a perspective of continually searching for knowledge and relationships, for synthesizing information into a larger paradigm I have reached a point where the world – the human world and its cultural and physical geography – is reaching certain tipping or turning points.  Several genres of interest – financial, military, and environmental – appear to be at a stage where whatever I could say, whatever I have said, will have no further impact and I can only observe events until some resolution is reached by whatever means.

These broad topics are deeply related, and the resolution of one will have strong ramifications for the others.  They are not separate categories except as an organizer for the academic and political minds of today.  Information gleaned from many books, the western mainstream media (MSM), alternate media (being for the most part various websites), and from other sources in Asia and Europe provides a broad base from which to formulate a perspective on current events.

There are some broad trends that should be obvious.  Financially, the ‘western’ world is operating as a debt laden consumer society, competing with the rising strengths of China and Russia as co-leaders in an at best multi-polar world.  Militarily, the U.S. and its allied NATO countries remain dominant, but that dominance is reckoned on the threats of a failed “full spectrum dominance” military, backed by an official first strike nuclear capability and policy.

As for the environment – the consumer society run by corporations with zero environmental concerns, and the military fighting for control of resources and for control of the financial world are dominant topics in the MSM, leaving the environment to change almost unheralded.  These changes would be seriously aggravated by a larger war and /or significant financial changes.

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