Vaccines: The Webinar 4 DVD Set (Limited Time Offer)


With mainstream information channels like Facebook, YouTube, and now Amazon taking unprecedented steps to censor the truth about vaccines, it’s more important than ever to learn the facts.

Set Includes

  1. Deadly Deception
  2. Silent Epidemic
  3. Autism: Made In the USA
  4. Vaccine Nation
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Gary Null Webinar: Vaccines, Are they safe? Are they effective? Should they be mandatory?

Sunday, Mar. 10th at 1 pm EST LIVE WEBINAR WITH GARY NULL Recording available after the event Registration will be closed on Mar. 10th at 12 noon EST _________________________________ This webinar with Gary Null, Ph.D. is about the dangers of vaccines. In this webinar, Gary will be presenting his award winning documentary “The Deadly Deception.” The session will begin with a panel …



Deadly Deception from GaryNull on Vimeo. There is an epidemic, the likes that we have never seen in the history of this country. One in 6 children in America is learning disabled, one in 9 has asthma, one in 48 are becoming autistic, and millions more are suffering from brain and immune dysfunction, which can not be explained. Children are …


The Cold Hard Truth About Vaccines…

Lucy was having a normal, healthy pregnancy without any complications until she received the H1N1 vaccination. On a pregnancy support website, she commented, “I should be 11 weeks pregnant today. I had an appointment with my OB/GYN and was told (from info of ultrasound) that my baby stopped growing on the exact day I had my H1N1 vaccine.” A similar …

New Vaccines Still Cause Autism and Our Government Knows

New Vaccines Still Cause Autism and Our Government Knows Richard Gale and Gary Null Progressive Radio Network, November 5, 2018 Today in the US and a growing number of other countries, the official policy is that any scientific study, regardless of its methodology, quality, author credentials, and peer-reviewed process, is summarily dismissed as incomplete, irrelevant or unsupported if it finds …