Palestine Faces Grave Climate Threat, But Lacks Voice At UN Talks – Ed King

Few conflicts generate as much heat and rage as the ongoing tussle between Israel and Palestine.

Peace appears as far away as ever, after the recent collapse of US-led talks, and the 2014 Gaza war.

The two nations face an added, unseen and growing threat – that could heighten tensions yet further.

Rising global temperatures are likely to make drought in the region more common, a UN panel of scientists reported in 2014.

It’s unlikely just to hit farmers. Drinking water supplies – already a precious commodity in this arid region – are also set to become scare.

For Nedal Katbeh-Bad, the Palestinian government’s climate change advisor and representative at UN talks, it’s a bleak prospect in an already tough environment.

“Taking into account the political situation, Israeli control, this will exacerbate the situation and make it much more severe,” he tells RTCC, hinting at the potential for further conflict.

“What we are expecting will be challenging for both sides,” he adds.

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