The Personal Computer Radio Show – 03.08.18

THE NEWS 1. The iPhone X didn’t sell as well as anticipated 2. Spectrum lowers price to compete with cable-cutters 3. Pluto TV Cord Cutting Free TV Service 4. Flippy the Burger Flipping Robot 5. Best Buy Geek Squad being paid by the FBI 6. Cellebrite bypasses IOS authentication up through 11.2.6 FEATURE SEGMENTS Wearable and Health Technologies – Dr Alfred Poor  Deep learning AI predicts heart disease from retina scans;  Inexpensive sensors use graphene;  Smart glasses help assess effects of head impacts From the Tech Corner – Hank Kee and Joe King  First Fake News, Now Fake Videos and Fake Audio Home Automation – Marty Winston  Pinpoint Control of Room Temperature with Raspberry Pi Array “

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