The Personal Computer Radio Show – 08.16.17

Personal Computer Show
Wednesday, August 16th 2017 Broadcast
PRN.fm on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET

New Guidelines from the NIST on Creation of Passwords
Consumer Report on Removal of Recommendation of Microsoft Surface Laptops and Tablets is flawed
NASA Chasing the Solar Eclipse in Two Jet Planes
Android Malware Secretly Records Audios and Pictures

Wearable and Health Technology – Dr Alfred Poor
A no-drug alternative to opioid pain killers
Smartphones reveal insights into population obesity worldwide
Gold can be used for ultra-thin, flexible, breathable sensors and conductors
From the Tech Corner – Hank Kee
First Computer Music Festival Held in 1978 at Philadelphia
Where’s the [Internet] SPEED? Where’s the BEEF?
Domain Website Renewal Alert
Home Automation – Marty Winston
Need for Ethernet Surge Protection

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