The Personal Computer Radio Show – 10.04.17

Personal Computer Show
Wednesday, October 4th 2017 Broadcast
PRN.fm on the INTERNET 6:00 PM ET

iPhone 8 Plus reportedly splits open while charging
Security firm finds some Macs vulnerable to ‘firmware’ attacks
Internet-wide security update put on hold
Equifax couldn’t find or patch vulnerable Struts implementations
Has Windows 10 Overtaken Windows 7 Yet?
A mini version of the Commodore 64
Yahoo said every single account was affected by 2013 attack-3 billion in all

Wearable and Health Technology – Dr Alfred Poor
FDA Approved Continuous Glucose Monitor Attached to the Skin
Denim Jacket from Levy with Conductive Weave to Connect to a Smartphone
Autonomous Wheelchair
Home Automation – Marty Winston
New Developments with the LED Light Bulb

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