Peter Koenig – Germany Buys Monsanto – and Sells the TTIP to Europe

Is it coincidence that Berlin approves and even recommends the ‘hostile’ takeover of Monsanto by the German agro-and pharma giant, Bayer? – Or is another occult strategic arrangement between Washington and its vassal-in-chief of the EU, Berlin, to push the nefarious, Europe-destructive TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) down the throat of the European population?

Although the corrupt Anglo-Zionist driven corporate western media are doing everything to keep the people at large as ignorant as possible, the truth is slowly seeping through. More than 90% of Germans object against Monsanto’s weed killer glyphosate (brand name ‘Roundup’) – which was recently declared by WHO, after multiple studies and re-studies, as carcinogenic. A large majority of Germans also oppose GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in food.

Under the secretly negotiated TTIP, corporations, such as Monsanto, would prevail over public opinion. The laws of the corporations which would bring along their own private court system, would be weighing in above the national courts of ‘sovereign’ EU members. In fact, any public protests in the streets could be violently oppressed by police and military forces – very legally, because a signed and approved TTIP could become the law of the land – hence to be enforced by martial law if necessary, against the will of the people.

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