Peter Koenig – Greece: Has The New Government Already Sold-Out Before New Elections on 20 September?

The Delphi Initiative of Greece issued yesterday the following statement under the title Tsipras – Kammenos Surrender Greece:

The Greek Left is a political force, the supporters of which gave heroic struggles in the past to defend democracy and national independence of Greece, thousands and thousands of them dying, sent into prison and exile or tortured.

It is the first time in Greek history that a political force and a politician, who refer in the Left and especially in the ‘radical’ Left, cosign the surrender of people sovereignty and national independence of Greece.

According to the revelations in today’s Greek newspaper ‘Agora’ (5.09.2015), “the new government of Greece will be under the strict supervision of Brussels” and the Dutch Commissar Maarten Verwey as leading the new Task Force “will actually write all the proposed legislation for all the sectors plans, from the income tax and the job market to the healthcare policy and the system of social care”. Verwey’s team will cooperate closely with Troika, will be able to assign reports to the IMF and will talk straight with the Prime Minister, as Juncker wants. The agreement that Tsipras and Kammenos signed and the parody of the national delegation validated, forces the “Greek Government” to claim the assistance of the work group until the end of September.

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