Peter Koenig – Towards a Foreign Imposed “Political Transition” in Syria? The Broader War, US Threats directed against Russia

Washington has been quite successful in its wicked embrace of Syria over the last few weeks. Just imagine, Kerry, in a propaganda-painted gesture of goodwill, forges the Vienna Peace Conference, this past Friday, 30 October. The results are inconclusive, but on to more talks in Geneva; no longer ‘Assad must go’, but rather the concession that “Assad is going to be part of any transitional governing body.” – Why a foreign imposed transition? Transition seems to become a propaganda indoctrinated fait accompli.

Then suddenly like changing the subject and the world’s attention – a Russian airliner exploding in the air over the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula; and Erdogan making a stunning, unexpected election comeback— and the NATO Live Exercise from21 October to 6 November in full swing – while all the way Russia is confirming and enhancing its dominance in the war against terror in Syria and soon in Iraq too – ISIS/L-Daesh, and against all the CIA-NATO trained, funded and armed ‘good-boys’, the so-called ‘moderates’ meaning rebels that have no teeth – is what the mainstream media would like the MSM-audience to believe.

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