Phil Butler – The Hidden Purpose of ISIL: A New King of Libya

A few weeks back NEO ran an article that revealed the doublespeak of western conflict resolution. A telling look at an NGO known as the International Crisis Group showed clearly the tangled web of control mechanisms in place to skew policy and to mislead the public. Today the “crisis” has migrated once again, from Syria back to a the chaos exerted onto the people of Libya, and a new “king building process” there. Here’s a candid look at western hegemony still hard at work.

When I cast Former Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, and International Crisis Group Trustee, Emma Bonino one of the handmaidens of chaos, there was no outcry from her PR people. The reasons for this are pretty simple. First, dignitaries like Ms. Bonino must appear far too busy and important to address every criticism. Secondly, the roles of such people are now irrefutable within the real of digital media. The mountain of circumstantial and prima fascia proof disruptors like George Soros – his associates such as; Baron Malloch-Brown, Madeleine Albright, Lord Jacob Rothschild, and the artist of the Russian Afghanistan mess, Zbigniew Brzezinksi are just some of the cadre of interested parties in today’s foreign policy cataclysm. But their game is an old and well known contest for power and control. My focus this week has been more on the foot soldiers of this old-new-world-order, and their strategies to reshape nations. You’ve all been hearing about ISIL regrouping in war torn Libya, but I’ll wager few reading this understand what is really going on there. For insight into how these people work, how they practice “double speak”, this video just after Crimea began rejoining Russia sets the tone. In the clip from CNN, first Brzezinski, then Fullbright blame Putin for what was in effect perpetrated by the west.

Opinion on Libya’s Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi is divergent and wide-ranging. For most Americans, the so-called “strong man” was purported to be some kind of tyrant, or worse still, an incarnation of evil. Movies from back in my youth always put US Navy Seals or Spec Ops people thwarting some Libyan terror op, “Patriot Games”, with Harrison Ford showed us training camps via satellite linkup – and we believed Hollywood, of course. However, tyrant or defender of the faithful, Libya thrived under his rule – especially compared to now. It’s never been a secret that Washington and Tel Aviv wanted Gaddafi “gone” – all that was ever missing in supplanting him was an ample opportunity. And the opportunity was etched out, planned, and later executed by familiar names. That is another story though, today it’s more productive to look at the eventual future planned for this part of North Africa – Mohammed El Senussi is the New World Order’s “man who would be king” of Libya. Here is the story.

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