The Plutocracy Report – 04.27.18

On this eighth show Vince presents his highly anticipated commentary on human
nature. The term has been misused and misunderstood and he will prove it.
But first he gives a short update on Syria and how it is being perceived by people
who support killing Assad.
In the musical segment Vince explains that he doesn’t hate America like
some righties have said, it is the ruling elite that he hates but he loves America as
a true patriot; and he plays a song by David Byrne to further his sentiment.
The second half starts off with comments about the f.u.k.u.s nations and
the level of propaganda is equal. Then he comments on a few sound bites
showing some voices of opposition slipped out in the mainstream news.
The show ends abruptly after a short rant about, Hillary the sore loser, that
couldn’t be finish this week as Vince ran out of time before he could finish, but
promised to continue it next week along with much more…


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