The Plutocracy Report – 05.18.18

ANARCHY IN THE U.S.A! Well to be more precise Cooperative anarchy. Vince explains the concept in the first half of today’s show by giving the real definition outside the dichotomy of division. He also touches on the pentagon’s secret waste and some democrats obsession with spelling errors. After that he explains how hearing the news of Trumps approval rating going up and 67% of people polled say America is going in the right direction, has him feeling like giving up, so he plays a song by Tom Waits for inspiration. In the second half he explores why people must think the country is going in the right direction, because the stock market hasn’t crashed yet! Could it be that people think stock buy backs is a good thing. He explains how much it’s going on and plays a clip about how big pharma is doing it instead of research and development. After talking about how Trump is a disaster he wraps up the show by talking about the inhumane actions of the Israel Defense Force killing and injuring Palestinian protesters. His message to the peaceful protesters is to stay safe until we can overthrow the tyrants. Hold On! We shall overcome someday! Roger Waters is featured for the end song…


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