Poll: white men really, really don’t like Hillary Clinton

The new Washington Post/ABC poll released Wednesday has tons of dreadful news for Donald Trump, who is viewed unfavorably by 70 percent of its respondents. But it isn’t all rosy for Hillary Clinton either.

First off, the poll shows that Clinton is viewed unfavorably by a remarkable 75 percent of white men and is only viewed favorably by 23 percent of that demographic. Now, Trump’s numbers among white men are also negative, but only slightly — 46 percent view him favorably, and 52 percent view him unfavorably.

Second, according to the poll, white women aren’t particularly bowled over by the first woman major party presidential nominee — indeed, they strongly dislike both candidates. Clinton’s numbers are slightly better than Trump’s here — 39 percent of white women view Clinton favorably and 60 percent unfavorably, compared with 33 percent and 67 percent for Trump.

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