Powassan Virus: ‘Ticks Now Carrying Virus Worse than Lyme Disease’ – Robert Harrington

For anyone who has suffered from Lyme disease, such as NaturalSociety’s Anthony Gucciardi (who overcame it), they know just how painful and intractable it can be. Not only has it been difficult to convince the medical establishment to diagnose it, but Lyme disease can be extremely challenging to successfully treat. But it seems there is another tick-borne virus that is catching the CDC’s attention – Powassan virus.

Powassan virus has been described by the medical authorities as a virus “that produces symptoms similar to Lyme disease, but more severe, and there’s no cure.” The following excerpt clearly explains why Powassan is considered to be a significantly more serious infection than Lyme disease.

“The disease can lead to encephalitis and meningitis, and give you permanent neurological issues afterward. And it can act much more quickly than Lyme disease, giving you symptoms within hours of being bitten by a tick, according to Fox News. About 10% of cases that lead to encephalitis are fatal.”

Just like Lyme disease, Powassan virus is emerging in the same geographic areas throughout the Northeast and Midwest. It also shows up in the same wooded and bushy areas as well as fields where Lyme-bearing ticks have been found. Therefore, campers and people working outdoors need to take special precautions, especially if they are prone to tick bites.

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