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Intervention in the name of Peace, Freedom & Democracy – 3 CD Set

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America has shaped the political histories of many of the world’s existing countries. From the human rights abuses of the School of the Americas, to the fractured campaigns in Vietnam, to the murder of over 2 million citizens in Cambodia, our government has had a major hand in global dominance through tactics of coercion, intimidation, and downright deception.

Listen to this original, investigative report to understand the story behind the story, and fi nd out the long sordid history behind many of the world’s conflicts we hear about today. In this stark examination of some of the more unseemly sides of historical American foreign policy, investigative journalist Gary Null describes and uncovers the embarrassing accounts of how we acquired Texas, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

From our beginnings as a nation, America has practiced its profound belief in manifest destiny–that God has blessed America with the right and duty to spread its ideals to the rest of the world. Listen to ‘Intervention: In the Name of Peace, Freedom, and Democracy,’ and then decide for yourself if we are following America’s true mission. 

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